Although I embrace recent collaborative therapies, such as Narrative Therapy, I teach from a systemic perspective that draws on social work’s clinical past. The past, which by no means is perfect, can inform us as we engage in the present and consider the future.

Clinical and Leadership Workshops

I have a love for mentoring and training and have taught numerous clinical and leadership workshops.

Courses can be created and adapted to meet your organization’s needs.  Below is a very brief list of some of the workshops I have taught in the past.

      • Ethical Reasoning
      • Narrative therapy
      • Family therapy:  Assessment
      • Family Therapy: Intervention
      • Couple Therapy
      • Grief, Loss and Bereavement
      • The Art and Skill of Questioning

      Management and Leadership in Not-for-Profit

      I have held directorship positions in Children’s mental health agencies, Huntington Society of Canada and most recently as the founding Director of the Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre.  With over 25 years of experience as a leader and manager, I can work with you so that you become the type of leader who people want to work for and emulate.